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What is the Total Skin Review?

Dr. Arlette has used his decades of experience in dermatology to develop the Total Skin Review. This thorough evaluation assesses the condition of the skin and allows Dr. Arlette to make recommendations about skin care products and procedures that might improve the skin’s appearance. The Total Skin Review also educates patients on the best ways to care for their skin to keep it as healthy as possible throughout life.

Before the Total Skin Review, you will be asked to complete a survey that provides Dr. Arlette with specific information about you and your skin. The assessment takes approximately one hour in Dr. Arlette’s office and is completely non-invasive.

The Total Skin Review begins with the scalp and examines every inch of skin for suspicious looking moles or other potential skin problems. The examination is performed in a well-lit warm room by Dr. Arlette, with the assistance of a nurse or technician. Patients are treated in a respected manner to avoid discomfort throughout the procedure.

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In addition to his extensive experience and expertise in skincare, Dr. Arlette uses two special tools that give him a better view of the skin and assess concerning marks or moles.

The first is a ceiling-mounted, wavelength specific lighting that illuminates the skin for a closer examination of areas of concern. This lighting allows Dr. Arlette to make a more accurate diagnosis of some skin conditions.

The second tool is an epiluminescence dermatoscope, which is a microscope used to magnify specific areas of skin. Studies have shown an epiluminescence dermatoscope may provide a more accurate skin assessment than an examination done solely by the naked eye. This tool is used by Dr. Arlette to evaluate microscopic changes to the skin for early diagnosis of skin cancers and other conditions.

After the examination, patients have a consultation with Dr. Arlette to discuss any findings or potential concerns. At that time, Dr. Arlette may make recommendations for skin care products or procedures as appropriate. Patients will have the chance to ask questions, so that they come away from their Total Skin Review with a deeper, more thorough knowledge of their skin.

What You Can Expect from a Total Skin Review

There are a number of benefits the Total Skin Review offers, including:

  • Thorough assessment of the skin to detect potential skin problems and conditions
  • Special evaluation of skin changes that could lead to early treatment options
  • Education about best ways to care for individual skin types
  • Baseline assessment that makes it easier to detect skin changes in the future
  • Peace of mind in knowing your skin has undergone a thorough evaluation

The skin is an organ of the body, just like the heart or lungs. Like the heart or lungs, the skin needs careful, consistent care to keep it as healthy as possible throughout life.

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