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Total Skin Review

What is the Total Skin Review

With decades of experience under his belt, Dr. Arlette developed the Total Skin Review, a non-surgical and highly efficient way to check your skin for suspicious moles or other concerning skin problems.The Total Skin Review is a private pay appointment that is designed to detect skin problems and conditions. Dr. Arlette educates on the best ways to treat your skin and how to detect future skin changes. With the Total Skin Review, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your skin has gone through a full evaluation.

Why a Total Skin Review?

Checking for moles on the body along with other potential skin problems is important to keep healthy. The Total Skin Review is an easy and comfortable procedure to check your skin so you can take control of your skin and always be in the know.

How it Works/What to Expect

The Total Skin Review is a comfortable and non-surgical procedure that’s just 15 minutes long. In a well-lit and warm room, your dermatologist with the help of a nurse or technician starts at the scalp and works their way down examining every inch of the skin, checking for any skin problems that could need further examination.

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