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Skin Health Services

Skin Health Services

There are plenty of ways to achieve healthy, happy skin and one of the best ways is through our skin health services. Our skincare treatments detect skin problems, remove skin cancer cells, and keep that beautiful organ of yours in its best shape possible.

Mohs Skin Cancer Surgery

What is Mohs Skin Cancer Surgery?

Mohs Skin Cancer Surgery in Calgary fully removes skin cancer cells in a single session and is one of the most effective treatments for skin cancer to date. In about four hours, using a local anesthetic, the cancerous tissue will be removed and examined, a process that’s repeated until no detected cancer in the tissue has been found. Once the cancer has been removed, the treated area will be repaired to look as aesthetically pleasing as possible.
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Dr. J Guillemaud

Dr. Jennifer Guillemaud has been practicing Mohs Micrographic Surgery at Total Skincare Centre for the past 3 years. Her passion lays in skin cancer treatment, facial reconstruction surgery, and providing her patients with exceptional care.
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Skin Health Doctor

Dr. Helen Montgomery

After obtaining her medical degree with distinction from the University of Alberta and residency training at Dalhousie University paired with a Dermatology Diploma with Distinction through the University of Cardiff, Dr. Montgomery’s medical career focus is on skin cancer detection and management. She’s also passionate about medical research and teaching family medicine residents and community physicians’ recognition and management of pre-malignant and malignant skin disorders.
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What is Brightsquid?

If you’re a healthcare physician, you can improve the way you interact with your patient’s through this innovative app. Safely share results and expertise through this safe and secure application and see how the technology delivers better results and makes the healthcare system much more efficient. With Brightsquid, patient communications are easily tracked, faxing is no longer needed, and referrals become much more intelligent.

Total Skin Review

Total Skin Review

Pioneered by Dr. John Arlette, the Total Skin Review is a non-surgical way to examine every inch of your skin to check for suspicious looking moles or other potential skin problems.

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