Rejuvenating Chemical Peels

Also called “light” or “superficial” chemical peels, chemical peels rejuvenate and soften skin using lower-strength gels and creams.

What Micro Peels Can Do for You

We are able to even out minor flaws in the skin while returning that supple, youthful complexion by removing old layers of skin. We can tailor your procedure by either creating a unique formula to treat your particular skin conditions such as sensitive or acne-riddled skin. Or, we can proceed as we would with a normal chemical peel but at a reduced strength in order to reduce wrinkles, scars or skin discoloration.

Two Tiers

Micro Peel

The Micro Peel utilizes glycolic acid to effectively treat skin discoloration caused by ultraviolet light damage and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. By adding a Vitamin C mask is full of antioxidants to protect and strengthen the skin.

Micro Peel Plus

The Micro Peel Plus uses a special salicylic acid formulation for skin that experiences severe breakouts of acne. After the treatment, we supply a retinol solution to apply twice a week to vastly improve your results.

What about Results?

Chemical peels are safe and effective for treating chronic skin problems. Mild burning may accompany your treatment but it will subside over the following day or so. Cold compresses can reduce irritation and provide relief. Recovery is instant and a Micro Peel can be performed over a long lunch. Results will manifest a few days after treatment and last for several weeks up to 3 months.

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