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Posting Date: April 10, 2017

The Best Video You Will Watch About Skin Cancer Today!

Dear 16-Year-Old-Me : A 5-Minute Video That Will Inspire You to Live a Long and Happy Life That is Free From Skin Cancer.

Because we know you want to do the best for the skin , you will want to watch this video. In the video, one woman tells us that getting a bad sunburn before you turn 18 actually doubles your risk of developing skin cancer, a statistic that can NOT be overlooked. This video will definitely encourage you to practice proper sun-safety. Reduce the risk of malignant melanoma by following these 3 steps.

1.Wear SPF Year-Round

Applying sunscreen everyday before sun exposure is great practice for staying safe while outside. Whether it’s a bright day or a cloudy one, the sun gives off harmful UV rays year-round, rain or shine. This means, SPF should be incorporated into your daily regimen.

2. Avoid Tanning Beds

Prevent the possibility of melanoma by never using a tanning bed. No matter what the salon tells you, tanning is never healthy or safe, period.

3. Conduct Regular Check-Ups & Body Checks

See your doctor regularly for check-ups and mole inspections as well as doing routine body checks by yourself at home. If something seems wrong like an existing mole has changed colour or shape or you’ve noticed a brand new mole on your body, don’t ignore it. Pay attention, and get it checked.

We all love the mood-boosting benefits of Vitamin D, but by following these 3 sun-safe steps and getting to know your skin, you’re setting a positive example to yourself and others on what it means to live a long and happy life that’s free from skin cancer.