Double Chin Injection Treatment in Calgary

Sometimes, a good diet and excercise just isn't enough. Say Goodbye to Your Double Chin through BELKYRA® injections, an effective way to reduce submental fullness or more commonly known as double chin.

No surgery required!

Total SkinCare Centre is proud to offer BELKYRA® cosmetic injections, a long-lasting solution to unwanted chin fat.

Our brand promise is to provide advanced products and treatments for our clients. This includes finding safe and innovative ways to instill confidence to those struggling to eliminate double chin.

The first step to finding out if BELKYRA® is right for you is to book a consultation with our experienced nurse injector.

Your double chin shouldn't get in the way of your confidence.


Why Belkyra®

Both men & women are affected by the dreaded "double chin". Lucky for you, a BELKYRA® procedure is a long lasting and effective chin and neck contouring solution to send your confidence soaring!


Reduce the appearance of your double chin without having to go under the knife. BELKYRA® injections require no anesthetics and no incisions, yet still effectively dissolves that pesky fat.

Quick & Easy

Are you in a rush? No problem! BELKYRA® sessions usually last about 15 to 30 minutes. That leaves you with extra time to grab lunch on your way back to work.

Minimal Pain

Forget about painful surgeries and invasive liposuction. With BELKYRA®, pain is minimal and side-effects are few and far between.

Long Lasting Results

Depending on the severity of the submental fullness, you'll typically only need to come in for two to six sessions before BELKYRA® results become long lasting.

How Belkyra® Works

BELKYRA® is a Health-Canada approved procedure that avoids the use of surgery or anesthesia to help contour the shape of your lower face. Deoxycholic acid is the main active ingredient and gets injected into your chin, dissolving the fat, and revealing a more defined chin and jawline, usually after two to six sessions.

Total Skincare Centre Clients Before & After

When diet and excercise aren't enough. Get rid of that annoying double chin through BELKYRA® injections.

You probably have a lot of questions.We have all the answers.

Possible Side Effects of Belkyra®

BELKYRA® side effects are different for everyone, but common side effects include swelling, bruising, pain, numbness, redness, and areas of hardness in the chin, jaw or neck.

More serious BELKYRA® side effects include trouble swallowing and nerve injury in the jaw, resulting in facial muscle weakness or an uneven smile.

If you're worried about your symptoms after receiving BELKYRA® treatments, contact us or your doctor for medical advice.

Be sure to let us know any medical conditions & medications you take before receiving BELKYRA® treatments.

Meet Heather Harper, Registered Nurse

When deciding on cosmetic injections, choose a clinic who invests in their medical professionals. Learn more about Heather, our Nurse Injector, who can answer any questions about what to expect from your appointment.

Heather Harper, RN

Heather is proud to be Total Skincare Centre's Surgical Nurse and Nurse Injector. In recognition of her advanced training and expertise as one of Canada's most experienced injectors of BELKYRA®, Heather was asked to present a BELKYRA® best-practice session to over 200 nurses at the 9th Annual National Nurse Aesthetic FACE meeting in Toronto.

An expert in her field, Heather is someone you can trust for your BELKYRA® procedure.


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