Dr. Arlette, MD, FRCSC

Representing a fusion of education and experience, coupled with a dedication to current dermatological and cosmetic practices, Dr. John Arlette, board-certified dermatologist in Calgary, is the natural choice for your skin’s health and needs. With over 30 years experience in his thriving practice in Calgary, Alberta, Dr. Arlette has helped his patients achieve their skin care goals by listening to their needs, recommending the most effective treatment plans, cosmetic products and services, and developing innovative and advanced techniques that produce the best outcomes for your skin.

Education, Experience, and Accomplishments

Graduating in 1976 as an MD from the University of Calgary and certifying as a Dermatologist in 1981 from the University of British Columbia, Dr. Arlette is one of only sixteen fully accredited Mohs Micrographic Surgeons in Canada. Dr. Arlette is an internationally renowned pioneer in the research of minimally-invasive treatment of facial melanoma and public education of the causes, prevention and treatment of skin cancer.
    • Internationally renowned for research of minimally-invasive treatment for facial melanoma
    • Involved in public education for prevention and treatment of skin cancer
    • Leading world expert on the management of facial melanoma
    • Regular speaker on wide variety of dermatologic topics at conferences worldwide
    • Nationally recognized educator of physicians in surgery and cosmetic procedures
    • Trains physicians in the use of Fillers and other injection techniques
    • Pioneered the Total Skin Review, which provides baseline of skin’s overall health


Dr. Arlette and the Dermatology Community

As a learned member of many professional organizations, including the Canadian Dermatology Association, The American Academy of Dermatology and the Canadian Society for Dermatologic Surgery, Dr. Arlette regularly speaks on a wide variety of topics at numerous conferences and is a nationally recognized educator of physicians in both surgery and cosmetic procedures.

As a leading Dermatologist in Calgary, his research extends to being the first physician to describe and prove the exact location of filler products within the skin, helping other physicians understand how to achieve the best results for the patients. He has reported extensively on the demographic and epidemiological aspects of different skin cancers and is recognized as a leading world expert on the management of facial melanoma.


In addition to his many medical achievements, Dr. Arlette is also committed to giving back to his community and profession. He established the Arlette Education Fund through the Calgary Foundation to support education of medical professionals. He initiated the Arlette Educational Fund through the Alberta Cancer Foundation to establish a Mohs Fellowship training program at the Total Skin Care Centre. Dr. Arlette also developed the Arlette Lecture Series to educate the public and medical community on skin cancer treatment and prevention.

Dr. Arlette trains other doctors and hosts the annual national Master Injector® forum to advance injection techniques, the use of common and enhanced products including Botox, Juvederm, Scultptra and Voluma. He has pioneered the Total Skin Review® process where he establishes a base-line of your skin’s overall health and develops a customized treatment plan based on your needs.

Now he provides services to his patients at his new, state-of-the-art Total Skin Care Centre. The 7000-square foot facility is located at 636 45 St. SW Calgary. There, Dr. Arlette and his professional team provide the most advanced skin care products and therapies in the Calgary area. Care begins with a thorough assessment of the skin and end with long-lasting results patients are looking for.